The latest and most appreciated advertising media introduced by CAC is iWalker (Human Glow Banner/Lookwalker).iWalker is a mobile advertising format which is an effective and efficient way of brand promotion consisting of backlit LED illumination, with front and rear billboards perfectly positioned to view from any angle.

The excellent display quality aids in viewing the advertisement even from a distance. Its ultra-slim and light feature makes it easy to carry on human shoulders. We are the best lookwalker manufacturer company in India. LookWalkers are versatile and effective when deployed at locations such as malls, retail street environment, busy pedestrian areas, trade shows, business meets etc.

In a recent survey conducted by our team, it was concluded that iWalkersLookwalkers has the “HIGHEST RECALL RATE” of the brand which in actuality is the real purpose of advertisement and innovation and that too we can move and deploy anywhere you want to target an audience.

At CAC ADS, a pioneer team works miracles behind this captivating advertising form thus making a chain of distinctive clients of various notable regions in India. Our motive, debonair and exclusive iWalker and Lookwalkersservice is flexible, cost-effective and compact, thus aptly catering to the well-defined promotional needs of varied businesses set-ups.

LookWalkers Features

  • LED illuminated
  • Light Weight
  • 9 hour battery backup
  • Excellent display quality (Laser Gridding)
  • Ultra Slim (10mm)
  • Dual-side glowing display

Wide array of Brands use LookWalker for promotional purposes and get twice the response than traditional advertising medias. LookWalker proves to be the best and most unique way of advertisements with a key feature of "Mobility", thus getting among the audiences and grabbing their attention.