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iWalker :

iWalker is a mobile advertising format which is an effective and efficient way of brand promotion which consists of backlit LED illumination, with front and rear billboards perfectly positioned to view from any angle. The excellent display quality aids in viewing the advertisement even from a distance. Its ultra-slim and light feature makes it easy to carry on human shoulders. We give solutions for iwalker in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune on rental.

iWalkers and Lookwalkers can be positioned in Business Meats, Events, University Festivals, Trade Fairs, Shopping Events, Malls & Market Places, Exhibitions, Brand Awareness, Product Launches etc.

We are CAC ADS assist you in advertising your business to the masses. We furnish you with the most excellent advertising and marketing solution, thus making your brand reachable and popular among your customers. Our mission is to deliver you the best and best services.

iWalkers (Look Like European Lookwalkers) are versatile and effective if deployed at locations such as malls, retail street environment, busy pedestrian areas, trade shows, business meets.

iWalker Features :

  • Ultra Slim (Slimmest in Market)
  • Light Weight
  • Long SMD’s Life (Lasts 36,000 hours)
  • Excellent Display Quality
  • Battery Backup 9-10 Hours
  • Two-side view area for display
  • Both side glowing display
  • It consists of SMD illuminated back-lit billboards, appropriately postioned to view at any angle and even from the distance. It is light weight and Eco-Friendly thus contributing to protecting our climate.




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